Data fetching

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Data fetching and Mock Server


For data fetching in the next.js app follow this documentation Data fetching (opens in a new tab)

axios is used for calling the api, you can use any library you want.

API Function

// utils/__api__
const recentPurchase = async () => {
  const response = await axios.get('/api/recent-purchase')

API Function Call from Page

import api from 'utils/__api__/vendor'
export default async function Reviews() {
  const reviews = await api.getAllProductReviews()
  return <ReviewsPageView reviews={reviews} />

Mock server


  • We used mock server for demo purpose. You need to remove this from the template and integrate your API.
  • Remove MockEndPoints from utils/axiosInstance.ts
// utils/axiosInstance.ts
// Remove following 2 lines
export const Mock = new MockAdapter(axiosInstance);

Fake API example

// src/__server__/__db__/market-2/index.ts
// get all categories
Mock.onGet('/api/market-2/category').reply(() => {
  try {
    return [200, db.categories]
  } catch (err) {
    return [500, { message: 'Internal server error' }]